Sweetest Cinderella Birthday Party

Ok, get ready to swoon over this absolutely adorable Cinderella Birthday party created by Jenni of Dear Lillie for her sweet little girl, Lillie! This party is so enchanting, charming and just perfect for a little princess! We just adore all of the details and if you can believe this Jenni did this whole party for just around 50.00!!! Lillie turned 3 years old this year, could she be any cuter!?! Look at her gorgeous pink dress that Jenni's mom made her, her little white gloves and her beautiful princess crown that Jenni and Lillie made together! We love the vines and white lights together, it adds such a magical feel to the room! How darling is the Cinderella garland that dances across the mirror!?! The little mouse by the clock is the perfect fairytale touch! The Cinderella silhouette plates are so beautiful...what little girl would not love to eat their sweets off of one of those!?! Every little detail created the perfect amount of magic for the sweetest Cinderella party!


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Lissa (Bellenza) said...

Every detail is so beautifully and tastefully styled! Even the home's interiors are ideal for this setting!

P√Ętisserie Paris said...

This is undeniably adorable! It only cost $50 to create?!...amazing! I would love to know where the Cinderella die-cuts are from. I am a big Disney fan. One night my husband and I were playing Disney Trivia and one of the questions was to name the mouse from Cinderella....my response was "Gus aka Gus Gus aka Octavius". My husband thought I was cheating because that was exactly what the answer on the card was :P

Lovely desserts. I love the grandfather clock as well.

Dear Lillie said...

Thanks so much for featuring us!!! You guys are so sweet!

Patisserie Paris - Thanks! I drew the Cinderella silhouette based off of an image I saw online and then cut it out with my silhouette machine.

stricksonne said...

love your pics!!!!! greetings from germany, angie

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