Glitter Ball Ornaments

We just thought we would share a super simple DIY with you today! It is kind of a combination of two previous DIYs we've shared! {The fairy dust pots and tulle pom poms} We used it as a gift idea with our "Nutcracker Sweet" table! They are just simple, clear plastic Christmas bulbs (that you can buy at any craft store), filled with the glitter color of your choice. We added a little tulle pom pom and a pink satin ribbon and they are a perfect little gift, decoration to add to your beautifully wrapped holiday package or of course a traditional Christmas tree ornament!

Clear plastic Christmas bulb
Satin ribbon
tulle pom pom

Just take off the ornament top and fill your bulb about half way with glitter. You can make a little paper funnel to put the glitter in the bulb. Then just put the top back on, tie a satin ribbon on and glue a tulle pom pom {diy for poms poms here} on the front! How simple is that!?!


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