Sweet Little Princess Party

Keeping with our princess theme this week, we are so excited to share a sweet little princess party with you! Last week we created paper goods and a sweet table for our dear friend Meredith's adorable daughter Molly! Molly turned 3 and loves princesses and pink! So we wanted to help create something enchanting and sweet for the little girls to enjoy! We started with a custom illustration of a little blonde princess to set the tone for the party, from which we created Molly's invitation and gift tags from. We stuck the gift tags on white bags under little crepe paper and tulle rosettes and Meredith filled them with goodies for the little princesses to bring home.

As the little girls arrived they all got princess crowns and a bag of jewels to decorate them with! They also got to make little beaded necklaces to wear with their princess crowns and gowns!

After eating a proper princess lunch, the girls played pin the kiss on the frog!
Meredith had the brilliant idea of setting up a sweet table in front of the fireplace and we loved that because it gave a bit of medieval princess feel! We made a swag out of tulle to to drape above the table and piled paper poms and DIY mini tulle poms in the center and made a "Princess Molly" letter garland to add some sparkle! We filled the sweet table with with pink and white cupcakes, chocolate covered pink pretzels with white non-perils, marshmallow wands, glass slipper cookies, marshmallow birthday cakes and a white ruffle cake that we topped with a "happy birthday" over sized cupcake flag!

After the girls had their fill of sweets, they were treated to a reading of "Princess and the Pea"! Their princess skills were even tested when they were asked to sit on a pile of pillows, if they could feel the ball placed at the bottom of the pile they were rewarded with their princess ribbon wands!
This is perhaps our favorite shot of the whole party...miss molly and her momma, Meredith! Happy Birthday Sweet Princess Molly!!!

paper goods, sweets and sweet table set up Icing Designs
photos via Bloom photography by Meredith Price and Icing Designs


Cupcakes and Lemonade said...

This is adorable! I LOVE all the pink and the dessert table is amazing!

Ceilidh Smith said...

So darling! I love the fact that the dessert table is in front of the fireplace, you're right, it does give it a bit of a midieval feel. I think that it is absolutely adorable that you read the girls "princess and the pea" at the party...what a great idea. The crown decorating and pin the kiss on the frog are also such great ideas! As always, the stationary looks great, and I love the paper pom set-up you did on the fireplace...it adds such a pretty princess feel. A+++++!

Danielle Sullivan said...

What a beautiful party, Miss Molly and Mere! So sweet.

Vianely G. said...

Is just beautiful.

Unknown said...

Where did i get the crowns?

jowdjbrown said...

We stuck the gift tags on white bags under little crepe paper and tulle rosettes and Meredith filled them with goodies for the little princesses to bring home.New York princess party

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Unknown said...

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Lasya said...

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