Sweet Summer Treats...Popsicles!

We are so thrilled summer is finally here! It seems like we have been waiting forever to feel the warm sunshine on our faces! What is summer without icy cold, delightfully sweet popsicles! They are truly not just for kids anymore. The color and flavor combinations are endless and would make a gorgeous addition to any summer party! What is your favorite flavor!?!

images via: pinterest, dessertsforbreakfast.com, martha stewart, bakersroyale.com, endlesssimmer.com, bedifferentactnormal.com, alwaysevolve.tumblr.com,everydaycelebrating.com, musingsofanightowl.blogspot


Ceilidh Smith said...

I love the strawberry Minnie Mouse popsicles you can buy at Disney World....soooo good!

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