DIY rainbow ruffle party hats

We hope you liked our new 'over the rainbow' collection! Well, now its time to create a party around it!
We have some fun DIY's that will help your next rainbow party sparkle and shine! Today we are sharing our ruffled rainbow party hats! You will not believe how simple these are to make. The best part about them is that not only can the kids wear them at the party but they are a great take home gift too! When my girls turned one, Kellie got each of them the sweetest party hats and we still have them on a shelf in the girls room!

pre-made party hat {you can get these at any local party store}
assorted rainbow crepe paper
piece of white fringe garland {you could even just use white crepe paper or an over-sized pom pom, etc.}
tack glue
name tags {found here}

1. Simply take your party hat and add glue around the hat just about a 1/2 inch up from the bottom. 
2. Starting on the back near the seam of the hat take your crepe paper {color of choice} and slowly start to ruffle it around the hat, ending at the same place you started. You can add another dab of glue to secure the end of the crepe paper. 
3. Continue to do this with each color until you have reached the top. 
4. Do not worry if part of the hat is still showing at the top, your fringe garland will cover it.  

5. At this point you can turn your hat over and glue in your sating ribbon on each side. {We used about 20 inches of ribbon on each side. This way it ties nicely onto your child's head and there is some over hang. 
6. Take your fringe garland or a pom pom or whatever you would like to top your hat with and hot glue it on to the top of the hat. 
7. Finally just add a little tag with each child's name


JanetLee said...

These are darling!

Icing Designs said...

thank you so much janet! said...

I fell in love with this hat when I came across it during a google search! I made one with brighter colors for my daughter to wear. The tutorial was fantastic and very easy to follow. Thank you SO very much! She is delighted with her hat and I love that it was so easy and fun to make! said...

Hi! I posted my daughter's hat on my blog and credited you. Thank you again for the inspiration and the easy-to-follow tutorial.

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