Chocolate Covered Spider Web Marshmallows

Well, school is back in full swing...along with all of the activities that accompany it! We both have girls in kindergarten this year! Its a really exciting time and we love to volunteer and help with school activities and really be a part of our girl's education! Tonight is the first 'big' event at the girl's school. They are having a book fair and bake sale combined! We were really excited to participate in the bake sale, its a chance to volunteer and put a smile on the girl's faces! We wanted to create something for boy and girls. So we made rose cupcakes for the girls and spider web cupcakes for the boys! We also made one of my favorite cookies, that I make each Christmas, my grandmother's Scottish shortbread cookies dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with colorful non-perils! They are festive and always a special treat! We also made chocolate covered spider web marshmallows that we knew the little boys would get a kick out of! We thought we would share the diy with you, just in time to make them for Halloween! They are so super simple and very similar to the cob web and spider cupcakes!
Lolli sticks
White and milk chocolate melts

Put two marshmallows on your lolli stick
Dip them completely into your melted white chocolate and lay on parchment paper to dry
If desired, create a little white spider on a separate piece of parchment when dried place onto
still wet milk chocolate spider web so that it adheres
Once dry melt your milk chocolate in a piping bag in the microwave
Create 3 circles directly onto the dried white chocolate dipped marshmallows
Take tooth pick and drag from center out to create a spider web {see photos of how to here}


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