Sassy Bat Straws

Ok, so we have to be honest, this diy literally revolved around the need to use these 'batty' googly eyes that we found at our local craft store! We just fell in love with the little eye lashes on them and thought, we must find a way to use these!! Since Halloween is this month, we decided on sassy bats! We put them on {one of our all time favorite things to use} grey and white striped paper straws! Wouldn't they be cute in milk bottles on your Halloween sweet table!?! They would also look super cute on a package, a gift tag or even a place setting for a Halloween party! There are tons of uses for these little sassy bats and the best part is, you can make a bunch of them in no time at all!

googly eyes with eyelashes
black glittery pom poms
black wirey mesh garland
thin white ribbon
glue gun
paper straws if desired

Simple Steps
take your pom poms and hot glue the eyes on
glue a little bow on the top of her head 
take 1 1/2" pieces of the mesh garland and fold fringe down so it is all on one side to create the look of a wing
glue one piece on the back of the right side of the pom pom and one on the left
pull the garland up to create more of a wing look {so they are not straight out to the side}
hot glue onto a paper straw


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Ruth Shanahan Allmart said...

Oh wow, those are so cute. Thanks for sharing this idea with us, so clever :)

Jim Rhodes said...

It's always a pleasure to read your posts. You are so good at blogging! Good job.

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