The Itsy Bitsy Spider

Black and white it a 'hot' color combination this Halloween! We love it, its fresh and classic and can be super eerie! Staying in the black and white theme, we made cob webs and spiders out of chocolate to be decorations to top your cupcakes with! Black and white polka dot and striped cupcake liners add to the color scheme and chocolate frosting makes a great base for the white webs. These cob web and spider cupcake toppers are really easy to make and sure to be a great addition to any Halloween party!

1. Fill 2 pipping bags, one with chocolate and one with white chocolate. 
2. On a baking sheet lined with parchment or wax paper, make a small dot with your melted chocolate and simply take a tooth pick and drag from the center outward creating little legs for the spider. 
3. Add two little white non-perils for eyes before the chocolate has cooled. 
4. To create the spider webs, take your melted white chocolate and make the circles, one inside the other. Then make 3 or 4 lines from the center outward. 
5. As you did with the spider legs, take your toothpick and 
drag it from the center outward around the circles to create a cobweb look. Don't worry if it does not look perfect, that gives it character. 



Dahlia's Day Wedding Blog said...

Thanks for the cute tutorial...just in time for Halloween-themed bridal showers, etc.!

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