We scream for ice cream!

Who does not love ice cream...really have you ever met someone who doesn't!?! It is literally the perfect summer treat...sweet, cold and a perfect blank canvas for luscious toppings but still amazingly delicious on its own! It can be served for pretty much any occasion from a birthday celebration to a wedding reception and can even be a scene stealer in a photo shoot! So lets all dream of ice cream and for all of us here in the Chicagoland area maybe some warm weather to go with it!

photo credits: etsy.com/shop/BeachHouseLiving, tumblr, flickr, buttersugarflour.com, Megan W Photography, twigandthistle.com, delectabledeliciousness.blogspot.com, fairycandles.tumblr.com, nicolehilleblogspot.com, daisypinkcupcake.blogspot.com


Ceilidh Smith said...

They look delicious! I'm looking forward to an ice-cream filled summer. Cookie & Fudge and Maple Walnut are my faves :)

Anonymous said...

I love lov1e love Icing Designs. I love everything you two do!

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