Princess Ribbon Wands

We are helping our friend Meredith from Bloom Photography with a princess party for her sweet little girl, Molly...who is turning 3 in a couple of weeks! Meredith wanted to make a few special things for the little girls to have that would make them feel like princesses! So one of the things we made were ribbon wands, although they are so incredibly simple to make they are so colorful and magical for the little ones to wave around! Meredith even suggested that they would make a great centerpiece in the middle of the table in a beautiful vase! All you need is ribbon, extra long lolli sticks (made by Wilton and can be bought at most any craft store), scissors and a glue gun!

You can use as many pieces of ribbon and colors of ribbon as you want. We choose to us 4 pieces of ribbon on each stick. We bought a light pink satin, a sheer white, a semi sheer dark pink and a roll of white tulle that we cut into skinny pieces. Just divide the ribbon into color piles. Decide how you want to put the ribbon together. We layered the light pink first, white, dark pink and finally the tulle.
Layer the pieces so you can see the top of all of them, take your glue gun and start at the tulle and glue up to the light pink. Then just take your lolli stick and roll it toward the tulle until the ribbon is all securely glued together on the stick.

You can trim the ribbon so that it hangs slightly below the end of the stick. We just added a little bow with a gem in the center to the birthday girl's wand to make it extra special!

We were inspired to make these by a photo we saw on pinterest.


Bloom said...

thanks for all of your help and expertise!! she can hardly wait for her party!

Ceilidh Smith said...

They turned out really great....better than the original pinterest picture in my opinion!

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