La Ciliegina Sulla Torta

We came across the most beautiful baking blog a couple of months ago...La Ciliegina Sulla Torta. We have been keeping it all to ourselves, but we love to share what inspires us ;) This lovely blog is written completely in Italian, although we can tell you that "La Ciliegina Sulla Torta" can be translated into "The Cherry on the Cake"! But...swooning over gorgeous photos of amazing fanciful pastries is universal...right!?!

Tartufi di cioccolato al caramello salato

Eclairs ai fiori di ciliegio

Baci di dama


Mini cakes al pistacchio e ciliegie

Mont Blanc cupcakes

Macarons al caramello al burro salato

Chocolate caramel shortbread bars

New York style cheesecake

Hungry yet!?!


Ceilidh Smith said...

Look at all of those gorgeous photos!!!

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