Hello Friends....

Hello friends, this is Melissa. We just wanted to thank you all so much for the sweet comments you left here and on our facebook page for Kellie! We have been so blessed to have met and gotten to know so many amazing people. I just wanted to let you know that I have taken some time to really think about what I am going to do and I have decided to step away from Icing Designs as well. Kellie and I both have had such a wonderful time creating our shop and sharing our designs with you. We have also loved having this blog to share our ideas, projects and parties with you. We have created so many lasting memories that we will cherish. It is so bittersweet to be saying good-bye to the last 4 years. But we are excited to see what the future holds and so excited to continue to follow our favorite blogs and all of the people that have given us such inspiration along the way. We will leave our blog up and we hope that you may be able to still draw some inspiration from it. Again, thank you so much to all of our friends and family that have supported us. It has meant so much to us and we are so thankful to you all. 
We thought since we had a few parties that we never did get a chance to share with you, we would leave you with a few photos {from my twins Japanese tea birthday party and an 25th wedding anniversary party we threw for my mom and step dad!}

Best wishes to you all! 
Melissa and Kellie Black heart (cards)

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handmade cake topper: katie pietraszak 

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A Bittersweet Farewell....

Hello Friends.  This post comes with much sadness and much happiness.  As of today I will be stepping away from Icing Designs.  I have immensely enjoyed these past nearly 4 years of being a part of such a sweet little business that Melissa and I created to together.  Even though I am stepping away, my first love will always be creating beautiful glittered invitations and paper party goods.  I have been creating them since my Annabella, who is now 12, was a baby.  I may not be creating them for a business but they will always be my hobby. 

Melissa is my very best friend and she and her family mean the world to me and my family.  Even though we may not be doing Icing together any longer she will remain my very best friend. 

I will continue to follow all of my favorite blogs and continue to create. I will totally support Melissa on whatever direction she chooses to take, whether it be with continuing a business under the Icing Designs name or going in another direction completely. She is going to take some time to make the decision over the next couple of weeks.  

Icing Designs, fans of Icing Designs, the people I have met through Icing Designs, and most importantly Melissa have all been an incredible blessing to me … thank you!

All my love,

beautiful family photo via Bella Jackson 

DIY Popsicle Garland & Party Favors

You didn't think we would end the week without a fun popsicle DIY did you!?! Well, we are just going to leave you with some fun photos for the weekend and Katie will be with us Monday to give you a step by step on how to create these adorable popsicle garland and party favors! These are the cutest and the best part, they are doing double duty! They can be created and hung as a garland for party decor and then filled with some confetti popsicle sticks for each child to take home as a party favor! It would be super cute to add a tag with a popsicle recipe too! Ah, the possibilities! Hope you are keeping cool in this crazy heat, happy weekend!


New to our shop: Sweet Popsicle Paper Party Goods

Happy Monday friends! With summer in full effect we thought it was about time to add something new to our shop to celebrate it! Really, what is better than a freezing cold, sweet popsicle on a hot summer day? We love this new collection and we are pretty sure an amazing party can be thrown around this theme! They would be so cute for a summer birthday celebration or how about a sweet summer baby shower for a girl or boy!?! As always our popsicle party goods are offered as invitations, cupcake flags, gift tags, cards, fill in the blank thank you cards, oversized cupcake flags, letter garlands and party bags and are available in our Etsy shop! We are offering a girl's collection in pink, yellow and peach or a boy's collection in blue, green and yellow. Hope you enjoy them!

Icing on the Cake

Wow, the world of blogging was exceptionally inspirational this week!  If you are into parties then you will love this week's Icing on the Cake! 

honeycomb garland, so colorful and so perfect for any occasion
fruit party hats, umm way to cute for words
pretty much obsessed with all of the styling and products from this shop
who doesn't need an oversized pinwheel, one of our favorite pins this week
 this flamingo party backdrop is too much fun
the most beautiful "golden" birthday party ever
one of our new favorite blogs
mini fiesta pinatas, love Anthropologies new party supplies, like these polka dot treat bags

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DIY Confetti Window Treat Bags

Oh how we love confetti, we could probably incorporate it into every single DIY we do and photo we take!
It just screams celebration and is totally appropriate for well, every festive occasion! These simple confetti window treat bags are super simple and they can be filled with anything from more confetti to popcorn to candy! You can embellish them any way you want to as well, festooning at the top makes them look even more festive or glue sequence around the opening to add some shimmer! How fun would it be to give mini bags filled with confetti to wedding guests to throw at the bride and groom!?! Celebrations can happen at anytime so its always good to keep some confetti handy!  

Paper party bags of your choice 
Contact paper
festooning {optional} 
sequence {optional} 
Filling of your choice 
{more confetti, popcorn, candy, little toys, etc}

1. Take your party bag and trace a circle {size of your choice}. We traced a ribbon spool and cut out the circle. 

2. Use the same sized ribbon spool to trace an additional circle on a piece of your contact paper. 
Cut it out. Take off the paper backing so the sticky side is up.

3. If you don't have pre made confetti you can simple make your own with various colored papers and a hole punch. 

4. Sprinkle your confetti all over the sticky part of your contact paper.

5. Cut an additional circle out of the contact paper, larger than the circle that you already created so that there is hang over. 

6. Take off the paper baking of your new circle and stick it on top of your confetti covered circle. {So the sticky part of the confetti circle and the sticky part of the new cirlce are touching each other} Again, there will be hang over from the new circle. This will stick to the inside of your bag to secure the confetti window.

7. Carefully open you bag and slide the attached contact paper circles inside you bag {sticky side up}. Make sure the confetti circle is exactly where you want it and press it into the bag. The overhang from the circle without the confetti will stick to the bag and hold it in place. 

8. Fold the bag over and glue on festooning if desired and add a little tag! Fill with whatever treat you desire and celebrate! 

Sugar Rush: Top 5 Favorite Summer Treats

There are so many treats that are good all year long but seem especially tasty during the hot summer months! We don't know about you but summer seems like the one season where it is perfectly acceptable to eat ice cream every single day! We rounded up our top 5 favorite treats that we look forward to over indulging in every summer. Top of the list, well ice cream of course, followed by icy cold popsicles, sweet snowcones, beautiful cakes with fresh berries and what is summer with out s'mores and cotton candy!?! But, we said top 5, right, so how about combining cotton candy and s'mores....mind blowing, right! What summery treats do you look forward to?

ice cream
berry cakes
cotton candy s'mores

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