Happy DIY Rainbow Tassel and Paper Pom Cloud Backdrop

Ok, so our rainbow ideas are still coming! Its been so gloomy here in the Chicagoland area and these colorful rainbow party ideas are just making us so happy! We were going to try to squeeze this simple DIY in last week, but ran out of time! We love tassels, they are super trendy, and there are just so many great tutorials out there on how to create them! And, of course we will always have a soft spot in our hearts for paper poms! So we combined the two to create a fun and colorful backdrop that would be perfect for any rainbow party! Of course you can alter the colors to compliment any party theme!

Tissue Paper in various rainbow colors
{we used white for our clouds and pastel rainbow colors for the tassels}
Hot Glue
Paper Poms
"happy" letters

With so many great tassel tutorials out there, we just happened to use this one again {after using it for this party}. We love PaperWhite Designs for our all of our paper poms needs, but you can also make them. You can check out how from this tutorial we did  for ombre paper poms, just use all white.

1. Just arrange your poms in the shape of a cloud. We used 2 large and two mini poms.

2. String your tassels onto a thin ribbon or twine. Make sure that you loop your ribbon through the tassel at least once, this will keep it in place.

3. Glue letters onto the front of the tassel and hang the garland under you cloud! You can use sticky tack to do so.


Bellenza Bistro said...

Happy indeed! Love this for any occasion. :-)

Tami said...

Wow! This is beautifil! Thanks for sharing. My niece's birthday is on St. Patrick's day and I am so making this!!

Icing Designs said...

thank you so much...and tami that is great!! we would love to see a photo!!!

pom poms said...

Pom Poms has always been the best decor item especially for b'day parties. These paper pom poms are nice and beautiful....just love them ..!!

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