DIY paper flowers for your holiday packages

We have to admit there is something about a beautifully wrapped gift! It just makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside! We love to adorn our gifts with something special to help create simple yet beautiful presentation. One of the easiest ways to do this is with paper flowers! They are so easy and can be created to compliment any wrapping paper or theme. We created these paper flowers with a holiday theme in mind.
By hot gluing them to a clothes pin you can reuse them over and over! We were so excited to have these featured on Studio DIY a couple of weeks ago! We hope you will give theem a try, happy wrapping!

Card stock of your choice
Hot glue
Mini ornaments
Eye lash yarn {Martha Stewart makes a great one}
Optional clothes pins

Take a piece of white paper and draw the shape of the petal you desire, it should be not bigger than 1 ½”. Be sure to have a rectangle shape at the bottom, this is important for creating the flower shape. Cut it out and use this as your pattern

Take your card stock and cut it into 2”x2” squares

Take your pattern and lay it on top of 2-3 squares of your cut out card stock and cut out, you can create 
2-3 petals at a time depending on the thickness of your card stock

You will need 7 petals for each flower 

Where you have your rectangle at the bottom cut a slit a few centimeters up
Cross one side of the slit paper over the other and hot glue it to hold it in place, this will give the petal shape and dimension

Cut a small 1” circle out of your card stock, or you can use a paper punch

Start to glue the bottoms of the flowers around the circumference of the circle. You will need about 4 petals. The last 3 petals can be stacked on top. As you glue the petals on fold them backward to give the flower some dimension

After your petals are all on securely, take one of your ornaments and some length of your eyelash yarn to create a center for the flower. Put a dab of hot glue on the bottom of your ornament and attached one end of the yarn

Wrap the yarn around until you reach the end and secure it again with another dab of hot glue.
Hot glue the entire bottom of the ornament and place it into the center of the flower

You can now add a clothes pin on the back of the flower, so that it can be attached to a gift or gift bag. You could even put a magnet on the back of the clothes pin! Since the flowers are being pinned onto a gift they can be reused as many times as you like! 


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