Glittered Ribbon Tassels

There is no doubt about it, tassels are 'hot' this year! We love them, they are festive and colorful and add a ton of style to any dessert table or party! Kellie has even spent many hours making them for her oldest daughter's birthday party last year! There are tons of different ways to make them and materials to make them with. We found it to be super easy to make them with thin satin ribbon, it literally takes mere minutes to make them this way! Of course, we had to a add a little glitter to the bottom of them to make them sparkle! But, we wanted to share with you this quick little tassel DIY and show you our new "tags" that we are offering in our shop! We have always been in love with pretty packaging, it really is all in the details! With the holidays coming up, this would be a great way to wrap some cheer into your packages! We also thought it would be a sweet way to wrap up a gift to give to a future bridesmaid! We tied the tassel onto the package with one of our new tags from our shop {which of course can be totally customized with color, font and wording}! They are an actual tag shape and have a glittered rim! Hope you will check them out!

Materials for Tassels:
Thin Satin Ribbon {Color or colors of your choice}
Hot Glue
Tack Glue
Paint Brush

You can create the tassels in any length you please. However for the box we used which was 6x6 we used 16 pieces of 14” think satin white ribbon.

1. Take the ribbons and lay them flat and even
2. Pick them up from the center and take one side and pull the 8 ribbons to make them a bit longer than the other 8
3. Put your pointer finger in the middle of the folded ribbons and take the side with 8 ribbons that is slightly longer and wrap once around the 8 ribbons that are shorter, to create a twist
4. This will create a loop at the top of the tassel
5. Take one ribbon {from either side} starting under the loop add a small dab of hot glue, attached the ribbon to the glue and wrap it around continuously, once wrapped add another dab of glue to secure it
6. Lay your tassel on a piece of paper and take your paint brush with some tack glue on it and swipe it across the bottom of the ribbons. {This does not have to be perfectly painted on} then add your glitter, sprinkling it over the ribbons evenly. After the glitter is sprinkled on pick up the tassel and shake off the excess.


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