Icing on the Cake...

WOW has this been a couple of crazy weeks! Things are finally coming to a halt and we are excited about lots of great things that we hope to share on the blog this summer! Hope you had a great week...have a sweet weekend!!

loving this snow cone garland....perfect for summer!
this is a super cute diy cupcake stand
oh my, grab a cup of coffee and swoon over this
want to make a sundae just so we can use these
this is one of our favorite pins of the week, so gorgeous!
we are in love with this etsy shop...if you love cake stands you will be too!
how much fun would it be to make these for a birthday cake!
if you like cookie dough, make these...the frosting is ah-mazing!
it was really exciting to see this pinned here
we always love being featured here

{photo via pinterest, no further credit, if you know please let us know}


Sarah said...

The picture is from thisismeinspired.blogspot.com. For some reason my phone is not letting me post a link here. It is from their January 8th post. I love her site and your's--so many great ideas!

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