DIY hand-glittered mini paper pom fairy flower wands

We have been thinking about this project for a while and the best way to share it with you. We absolutely love paper poms, they are so inexpensive and make such a huge statement! We always thought it would be gorgeous to have all white paper poms with glittered edges over a sweet table for a wedding or clustered to make a beautiful arch for a bride and groom to stand under! Well, the larger poms are a little bit harder and more time consuming to glitter, so we thought we would share how to glitter the mini ones! So we created these mini paper pom fairy wands, which would  be so sweet to make if your little one is having a fairy party...or if they just love pretending they are a fairy! My girls got a hold of these and immediately put their fairy wings and tutus on, they ran around outside and played with these for almost an hour! These little wands would compliment our sweet little cupcake pixie paper goods perfectly! You could also just use these as regular poms and hang them over a sweet table! They look gorgeous when the light hits them!  
mini paper poms {you can make your own or we used Martha Stewart} 
glue {Elmer's or tacky glue will work fine} 
glitter {we used Martha Stewart white and silver mixed} 
paint brush
paper straws
glue gun 

Fluff your poms completely. Take a paint brush and dip it in some of your glue and just start brushing the edges of the poms. You do not have to be neat about this, it looks pretty if you make a few brush marks down the petal of the poms, you do not have to focus on just getting the edges. After you have the front side brushed with glue, you can either shake your glitter onto it or dip it in glitter that you have sprinkled on paper. It may look a little clumpy, but when the glue dries it will look perfect! After you have glittered your poms and are happy with them just take a dab of hot glue and glue the paper straw into the center of the pom. Finally, take some ribbon and tie it onto the straw and you are done! 



Unknown said...

These are just so lovely! How old is too old to make yourself a fairy wand? 40 isn't too it! ;)

friends and family together forever said...

how do you make the flowers diy?
btw these are totes adorbes.

Anonymous said...

my name's jeff

Unknown said...

I love this diy project so much!

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