White Ruffled Pumpkin

We are really excited to share a new DIY project with you from our sweet corespondent Katie! You know how we adore ruffles and who does not love the look of white pumpkins! This is a really fun project that could not be more perfect for the fast approaching fall season! You would never believe what a beautiful centerpiece this makes either! We will show you how later this week.

Sewing machine (optional, but much quicker!)
Foam craft pumpkin any size. I found this one at the dollar store!
Cotton muslin or other light weight cotton material cut into 2-3" wide strips
Stick or branch

1. Cut a small circle in the top of the pumpkin, removing the foam stem.
2 Depending on the width of your strips, you will need about 7-8 unruffled strips and 7-8 ruffled strips. Measure and cut your material by placing the end in the hole at the top of your pumpkin and tucking the material underneath. Cut 7 strips the exact length you measure. Cut 7 strips that are 3 times the length of your other strips.
3. Ruffle the 7 longer strips using your sewing machine or this great DIY from Hank and Hunt for The Sweetest Occasion! (You can use single strips of material instead of two for this project.)
4. Pin your unruffled strips onto your pumpkin by pinning into the hole at the top and pinning underneath the pumpkin. Leave even space between each strip.
5. Pin your ruffled strips using the same technique, overlapping your unruffled strips.

6. Place a stick and a few curly grapevine branches into the hole at the top and your pumpkin complete!

photos via Icing Designs

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