DIY Paper Flower Cake Wreaths

We hope you were able to take a peek at our post yesterday on how to make 4 different gorgeous paper flowers (thanks to our lovely and sweet DIY corespondent Katie)! Well, today we would love to share with you a great way to use them! All you need is a grapevine wreath that you can find at your local craft or dollar store. Just take your paper flowers and hot glue them in various spots around the wreath to create a beautiful decoration to put around your cake! We made a simple chocolate ruffle cake and placed it on a plain white cake stand and you can see how the wreath really dresses it up enough to serve at any party! You can even place a few of the flowers on top of the cake to add some color.

You can even use this wreath to display your ruffle pumpkin!


Janelle King said...

wow this is nice. what tip was used on the cake?

Vanessa said...

Just lovely.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

thank you so much ladies!! we used an ateco 97 tip, its kind of an s shape ;)

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