Hot Trend...Cake Buffets

We all love creating sweet tables and they are always a hit at a wedding or special event! But, have you ever thought about having a cake buffet!?! There are so many delicious cake flavors and gorgeous designs to choose from! You can really create a visually beautiful table, by using all different style cake pedestals and getting cakes in all different heights and color combinations! The possibilities really are endless, so think about a cake buffet for your next event, and send up some pictures if you create one!

photo credits: sweet and saucy,, martha stewart weddings,, style me pretty,, google images,,


P√Ętisserie Paris said...

I've been seeing a lot of those around as well! Particularly with one larger cake and lots of smaller cakes. I love the idea!

Unknown said...

Cake-Pie buffets have always been quite common in Argentina. Abouy 10-8 years ago they used to completely replace the dessert table, I don't know now.

Pink Patisserie said...

Ohh, that is absolutely stunning. I love the idea of just cakes, especially if feeding a crowd. Lush..

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