Birthday Cake Banner

We love adorning cakes with garlands, oversized cupcake toppers or paper flowers! Simple, rustic cakes always look great with a decorative element on top! Of course we adore colorful flowers and ruffly garlands, but what do you do when you need a masculine topper!?! Well last month was my wonderful step-father's birthday and we wanted to top his cake with something we made this ribbon "birthday" banner! It added color and height to a plain chocolate cake but we used masculine ribbon colors, so it was great for a man! Really you can do this with any color ribbon, it is so simple and perfect to top any birthday or celebration cake!
All you will need is:

2 oversized lollipop sticks

thin ribbon to tie sticks together

ribbon of your choice for banner

glittered sticker letters (can be found at Michaels or any other craft store)

glue gun


Take your two lollipop sticks and measure your thin ribbon across, making sure you have enough length for the word you are choosing to spell out. Tie your ribbon on the sticks. Then take the ribbon that you choose to create the banner with and cut it into strips, they do not have to all be the same length, you can vary them if you choose to. Cut as many as you need to create the word you are spelling out...and a few extra if you want to put plain ribbon on either side of the word. Fold the ribbon in half and cut a triangle out of the bottom. Fold your ribbon in half again and put a dab of hot glue in the center and fold over your skinny ribbon so that the points meet and it is glued onto the thinner ribbon. Then just stick your letters on your ribbon. If you choose you can tie a bow on either end as well!


Petit (Australia) said...

What a great idea.... will definitely give this a try!!

Coquelux said...

Que bonito.

lollipops said...

I love this idea, I've seen it numerous places but haven't came across a tutorial on how to make one. This is great, and it can even be personalized which is useful to use the idea a few times. Thanks!

Christine {Pure Joy} said...

Love this tutorial. Link it up to my Party Tutorial contest for a chance to win some fabulous prizes:

Tamara said...


Misslareta said...

Very nice for everybody, girls and boys....

Oliver Maurice said...

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