Cupcake Tutus and Tulle Pom Pom Wands

Today we waned to share two more little DIY projects with you....cupcake tutus and tulle pom pom wands. Both are super easy and are perfect for a ballerina party! The cupcake tutus are pretty similar to the apothecary jar tutus, just shorter. You follow all of the same steps found here. But when you are done creating the entire tutu you can just hot glue the tutu right on to a ruffle cupcake liner. We bake the cupcakes separately in one liner and then when they are decorated and ready to go you can just slip them into the additional liner with the tutu on it!

(Adorable Cupcake Toppers "Peppy Toppers" by Potter and Butler!)
What ballerina party is complete without ballerina wands!?! These are just a combination of mini tulling poms and ribbon wands. All you do it hot glue the stick from the ribbon wand into the center of the tulle pom poms and your wand is complete!


LoveCupcakes said...

Wow! Amazing cupcake decorating idea you've got there! The cupcakes really looks like a ballerina. Lovely post. Thanks for sharing.

Goosie Girl said...

Absolutely adore your new line! In fact, I featured you today...pop over when you have a moment and take a
Have a great day!

jodie valenti said...

Love these! Would like to share them on my blog for a DIY Monday feature... would you mind?

Anonymous said...

Thank you SOi much Terri for featuring our new line and cupcake tutus!! Jodie, yes please do feature them, we would love to see a link when it is up! Thank you so much! ;)
kellie and melissa

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