Apothecary Candy Jar Tutus

Kellie and I threw super sweet "Ballerina Bakery" party for my twin girls this past weekend! We are so excited about how it turned out and can not wait to share the photos with you. But first...we thought it would be fun to share some of the DIY projects we did for the party. We wanted everything to truly have a prima ballet feel to it, so we decided it would be so cute to give the apothecary jars mini tutus! So if you are thinking of having a ballet party for your sweet little girl, you might decide to do this too! This would even be such a perfect gift for your little girl's ballet teacher. Just get an apothecary jar, add a tutu and fill it up with something sweet!
Apothecary jar (size of your choice)



To start just measure a length of ribbon around the top of the jar, make it long enough so that you can tie a bow or a knot.

Take lenghts of tulle, measure your cuts depending on how long you want your tutu. Tie each length of tulle onto the ribbon. As you tie the tulle on push them together so that your tutu looks full when you are done.
Just keep tying tulle on and measuring it around the jar until it makes a full tutu.

When our tutu was done we also added an Icing Designs hand-glittered food tag that read, "rock candy"!


Anonymous said...

LOVE it!!! Where can I buy foot tag? I'm planning on making one for my wedding :)

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