Mini Monster Cookie Treats

It has been quite a couple of weeks. We have both been going crazy with so many end of the school year activities. We are ready to sit back and enjoy all that the summer has to offer! But, this is the last week of school and its definitely a mile stone for all of our girls! Kellie's oldest daughter will be entering junior high, what!?! And her little one and my twins will all be going into first grade! We just do not know where the time goes...we have to admit we are both a little teary eyed!
With the end of the year comes lots of thank yous for all of the special people who helped our littles grow and learn this year! Today for their last day of school, I wanted to do something fun for the girls class and teacher. So we made these little mini monster cookies! Yes, they are just a mini version of our big ones. But the minis are just so cute! We know that all of the kids will get such a kick our of these little monsters...full of chocolate chips and silly sprinkle teeth! These are so simple to make, just mini chocolate chip cookies fill them with buttercream and roll them in sprinkles! Make some silly eyes and you have a mini monster! What a fun little treat, right!?! How cute would these look on a sweet table at a 'monster bash'!?! They pair perfectly with our 'monster' paper party goods!

Pair it with our Monster mash tags and it makes they cutest little gift!! 


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