Cacao Sweets and Treats

We are so excited to share this next event with you. A new organic and all natural {just the way we like it} bakery opened up in our downtown area, Cacao Sweets and Treats! We are so beyond excited. This is the perfect occupation for the owner Candice, because she is simply the sweetest girl you could ever meet! We had the opportunity to attend her 'grand opening' party last week. Lets just say we tasted some of the best baked goods we have ever had! Candice prepares everything in small batches, from scratch with all natural and organic ingredients. The inside of the bakery is so amazing, every detail was designed and implemented by Candice and her husband Adam. Kellie and I actually met Candice a few years ago at a local farmer's market. We even interviewed her for our blog! So, it has been so amazing watching her long-time vision be brought to life! We hope that you will visit Cacao if you are in the area and if you are not don't worry Candice ships her delicious treats and sauces! Take our word for it you will be in confectionery heaven! {Take a peek at the window display if you pop in Katie and I decorated them for her...wish we had some better pictures but there was such a glare on the windows...I think we will have to go back a night and take some pictures.}


Anonymous said...

I have just found your blog and im completely smitten! Eyecandy overload. You ladies are amazing! Thank you! Sharon

Denise Gentes said...

Love this! I'm so happy that my torso made it onto the post :) Your window dressings make me smile every day when I'm working and it's been so much fun seeing you both in the shop! I'm going to share your post with our followers later this afternoon :D

Capture Our Lives said...

The new shop is just gorgeous! Its beauty is worth a visit in itself. If a business owner puts so much time and effort into creating a pristine and lovely environment, just imagine the love that goes into the products and service! I can tell you from personal experience, all involved are genuine and gifted. The sweets are just to die for. Also, knowing that they are organic and made from wholesome ingredients is the "cherry on top"! Some petite size offerings also make it a little easier to sample more. ;)

Candice Hunsinger/Cacao Sweets & Treats said...

Ladies - you are just the sweetest! Thank you so much for this sweet blog post! I have so loved getting to know you over the years and am so excited to be able to continue working together! xo, Candice

Heather - thank you so much for the sweet words. Had a blast curating your party a couple weekends ago!

Icing Designs said...

Thank you SO much Sharon! Your sweet words mean a lot to us! Denise, you are so much fun we love your striped dress, it was perfect for the pictures! Your so sweet and we love seeing you at the bakery too!! Heather, your a doll and we are so excited that you love Cacao as much as we do! Candice we ♥ you!!

Bellenza Bistro said...

Such a lovely shop! Scrolling through the photos of amazing details, I was thinking "This place could've been styled by you two!" Turns out you decorated the window display -- recognize your pretty garlands!

Taj Acosta said...

yummmie! What a divine little place! Wish I lived close by! xx

stef et sa belette said...

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