DIY conversation heart sign

Happy Monday!! So, we kind of went back and forth on whether to share this project with you or not. It is so simple its almost silly! But, we decided to after all, especially for those momma's with little ones looking for a little Valentine's Day project! I had to come up with an easy craft for the kinders to do for their school holiday party this past December and Kellie suggested making Santa beards with them! They were the biggest hit, we put them on stripped straws and they all got their photo taken in front of a fun photo both with their beards! {It was hilarious} Since, they had so much fun with  the beards, we thought for Valentine's Day we could make conversation heart signs! So, if you are a helper in your little's ones class and looking for an easy craft, these might just be your ticket! They are so simple and the kids have so much fun making them and love getting their picture taken with them! The photo makes a great keepsake for parents too!

Card Stock {in color of your choice}
Glitter {optional}
Glittery letter stickers
{found at any craft store}
Stripped paper straws
Ribbon {Optional}
Glittery paper for punch hearts {optional}
Heart punch {optional}

1. You can either free hand a heart onto your cards stock or create a template that you can trace onto the card stock {this would be helpful if the kids are cutting them out themselves}.

2. Cut the heart out.

3. Once the heart is cut out, if you choose to you can glitter the edges. Simple take some glue and paint it along the outer edge of the heart, then sprinkle it with glitter.

4. You can spell whatever you choose on the heart with your glitter letter stickers. The kids can spell their names or sweet, hugs, I ♥ U, love, etc. {If they are creating an I ♥ U sign you can use a heart punch to create the ♥ from glittery paper.}

5. Finally glue the stripped straw on to the back of the sign and add a ribbon! You could even punch out glittery hearts and glue them to the ribbon.

These make the cutest signs for the kids to hold in front of a simple photo back drop, they would even look adorable on top of a cake!


Bellenza Bistro said...

Such an adorable project! So glad you decided to share it. :-)

Party Patisserie said...

Such a sweet craft project!

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