Wrap it up Pretty

We have a thing for pretty gift wrapping so we were really excited to Paper Source's collection of festive papers this year! But, we instantly fell in love with the spritz cookie paper...isn't it the cutest!?! There are so many great ways to make your holiday gifts extra special and with this paper and a few sweet embellishments your gifts can be even more of a joy to give! Happy wrapping!
Speaking of cookies, we love them, especially the Parisian sort. So don't forget to check out our collection of Parisian macarons in a bell jar, perfect for a winter or holiday cookie exchange! Or use our tags and cards to sweeten up your holiday packages!

1. Spritz wrapping paper 
2. Tinsel poms 
3. Pink festooning 
4. Mint green ribbon 
5. Blush pink ribbon 
6. Red tags
7. Mint twine 
8. Pink twine 
9. Pink tissue 


Bellenza Bistro said...

How adorable is your Parisian macarons collection?!

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