Winter Tree Cake Toppers

We are getting so excited about the holidays and we have some great diy projects and lots of wintery inspiration coming your way! Today we are sharing another amazing project from our diy correspondent, Katie! These wintery tree toppers are so festive and look gorgeous clustered on top of a cake! They are even perfect for just topping a single cupcake. They are surprisingly easy to create but make a huge statement! 

1. Glitter paper in color of your choice 
{I recommend NOT using cardstock for this project, as I found thinner, more flexible paper works better. I used this glitter gift wrap from Paper Source} 
2.  Striped paper straws
3.Large wavy circle paper punch (optional)
4. Scissors
5. Glue gun/glue

Cut straw a little more than half. You can cut the straws several different lengths to make taller or shorter trees. 
  Punch out 5 circles. Cut three of them in half- you will have one extra half circle. If you do not have a punch just cut a 2/12 inch circle, waving the edges with your scissors as you go.
      1. Wrap the top of one circle at the top of your straw and glue in place, making sure to position it on an angle so that the bottom sticks out and is not glued too close to the straw.
      2. Overlap your other full circle and glue in place, again making sure the bottom sticks out to the side.

      3. Glue one of the half circles on an angle on top of the full circle.
      4. Do the same with another half circle on the other side.

      5. Glue the edges of your last half circle together, making a cone shape.

      6.  Glue on top of your straw.
      Add a glittery star or other tree topper of your choice to complete your tree!


Bellenza Bistro said...

Such an adorable holiday project!

Loralee Lewis said...

How fun is this!?! Adorable.

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