DIY monster candy holder

So, after seeing our monster mash collection, our amazingly talented friend and diy corespondent, Katie, came up with this adorable monster candy holders to coordinate with our paper party goods! We of course, fell in love immediately! This Mr. and Mrs. monster are too cute just to look at, but to make them even sweeter when you flip their little heads back they are filled with treats! How much fun would these be as party favors at your next monster party! You can even personalize them for each child at your party with our custom cupcake toppers, that double as monster lollipops!

Hot glue gun/glue
Pipe cleaner
Scrap of ribbon
Empty toilet paper roll
Bottom half of plastic Easter egg
Card stock
Fringe Leis (about 1 and 1/2 per monster) I found them at a local party supply store, but you may also find them at craft stores or online if you wanted to buy them in bulk
Large google eye
Black card stock or construction paper
Ribbon of choice or other decorations

Cut off about 1/3 of toilet paper roll and use the larger piece for the monster's body. Cut out a circle just a bit wider than the bottom of the toilet paper roll (about 2 inches). Apply glue to the edges of the toilet paper roll and stick it to the middle of your circle. Hot glue half of your ribbon scrap to the bottom of the Easter egg, leaving half hanging off of the bottom for now.

Cut your lei so you have one long strip and tie the cut ends in a knot to prevent it from unraveling. Glue one end to the top of the egg and wrap it around, gluing as you go until you reach the bottom edge. Glue the other end of the ribbon piece to the toilet paper roll, leaving a little space so it opens and closes easily.
Starting at the bottom of the toilet paper roll, alternately apply glue and wrap the lei around as you go until you reach the top. Don't wrap too tightly to make sure your monster is extra furry :) Be sure to secure the end with an extra dot of glue.

Now make your monster's arm. Cut a little less than half of the pipe cleaner, depending on how long you want the monster's arm. You want to have plenty to glue to the back of the monster so it is sturdy enough to hold a little sign or lollipop. Wrap a piece of the lei around the pipe cleaner and bend the end of the pipe cleaner into a small loop just big enough to hold a lollipop stick. Glue the wrapped pipe cleaner to the back and the side of the toilet paper roll to give it a little extra strength.

Glue on the google eye and decorate your monster any way you wish! I added eyelashes to the girl. Just fringe a small rectangle of black paper, glue to the back of the google eye and spread out the lashes.
Fill with your favorite candy! I covered a small lollipop with tissue paper and tied it with ribbon for the monster to hold also or custom name lollipops from Icing Designs! 


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