It's a Monster Mash....

We told you we've been working like crazy to get new illustrations added to our shop...well we are really excited to introduce our Halloween collection to you! We wanted to create something whimsical and fun for Halloween this year, but also wanted it to be something we could keep in our shop year round. We love  monster parties and think they are perfect for boys and girls, so we decided to illustrate little silly monsters with lollipops and party hats! The best part of this collection is that we have girl, boy and a boy/girl collections to choose from! They are all coordinating with invitations, cards, cupcake flags, gift tags, over-sized cupcake flags and letter garlands! We think they are lots of fun and hope you enjoy them!!!


P√Ętisserie Paris said...

Oh my gosh! I love them. Can't wait until all of your new designs are out so I can place a MASSIVE order ;)

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