We HEART Bonbon Balloons!

What screams celebration louder than balloons!?! We love them, they are so festive and there are so many styles and colors to choose from! We've blogged about our love of balloons before here. We also have an entire pinterest page devoted to them! But today we came across a balloon shop like no other...Bonbon Balloons! Have you heard of them!?! Based in London, they create the most unique balloons you'll ever see! They come in a variety of colors tied with the sweetest hand-crafted strings! They will even send you balloon as a gift, so that when the box is opened the balloons float up and present a personal message! We will let the photos speak for themselves. We love the confetti filled ones, what do you think...pretty amazing huh!?!


Happee Monkee said...

I love that balloon-in-a-box idea. I have two friends who have had bad news this month and this would be so great to cheer them up! xx

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