Glittered heart garland

In honor of Valentine's Day we wanted to share a diy for incredibly simple glittered heart garlands! These are really cute to use as vertically hanging garlands behind a sweet table or draped horizontally as a backdrop for photos!

glittered paper
heart paper punch
fishing wire
double sided sticky tabs

Simply measure out your fishing wire to the length you would like each garland to be. {We like to create multiple garlands of various lenghts} Next punch out as many paper hearts as you would like to put on your sure to double to amount of hearts you are using because these garlands swing freely and you will see both sides. Then just put a sticky tab, glittered side down, on each heart, lay your fishing wire over top of it and stick another heart, glittered side up, on top of that! Repeat as many times as you need to create the length of garland you desire! Simple. Simple. Simple!

"tiny dancer" letter garland available in our shop!


Connie @ Daydream In Color said...

So cute. What a fun and simple project! I might have to do this before vday!

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