No gluing or sewing festive fall paper flag bunting

So with Halloween being Monday...we thought we would share one more fun and festive DIY project with you! Buntings are so popular and so darn cute!! This bunting is so easy to create, no gluing, no sewing...what else could you ask for!?!
Decorative holiday paper
Triangle template (create your own size)

We created the triangle template on the computer and decided we wanted the size to be 3½ x 4½. (You can use whatever size you want) Using the template cut out the triangles on the decorative paper. Once you have the desired amount of triangles cut out attached them to your ribbon using the brads. They are sharp enough that they will pierce the paper and ribbon, so there is no need to punch or cut a hole! have a festive fall bunting without gluing or sewing!!
Have a happy weekend!


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