Ghostly Cupcake Toppers

Can you believe Halloween is only one week away...where did October go!?! Well, we thought we would share one more Halloween inspired DIY project with you. These little ghosts will add a "spooky" touch to your cupcakes! Your little ones will love them and best of all...they are so easy to make its "scary"!

small Styrofoam balls
lollipop sticks
4" square of tulle
4" square of lace
thin black ribbon
gems for eyes and mouth
(glue gun and scissors)

Just take your little Styrofoam ball and stick one of your lollipop sticks in it. If you need to add a little dab of glue to secure it you can.
Place your lace square over your tulle square and lay it over top of the Styrofoam ball, tie with your black ribbon. Then you can trim around the lace and tulle to get it to the length desired.
Next just hot glue two small gems for eyes and a larger one for a mouth and your little ghost is complete! How easy is that!?!


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