We heart "Pretty Delicious"

As much as we LOVE our sweets....we are also both very into health conscious eating! We love whole, unprocessed (REAL) foods, organic foods and markets...and make it a way of life in our homes. Last week I came across the most amazing book...I can't lie I was totally attracted to the cover...its so, so fabulous! But as I looked through it, I was immediately excited to go to the market, purchase ingredients and start cooking! I really wanted to surprise Kellie with a copy of this book for Christmas as well, but I just couldn't keep it a secret for that long...I had to share it with her right away because I knew she would LOVE it (and she did)!

Pretty Delicious", by the amazing and gorgeous Candice Kumai, is the book we are referring to! You may remember Candice from the premiere season of Top Chef on Bravo. She is also the founder of Stiletto Chef (which you will absolutely adore if you are into amazing, "skinny" healthful foods, gorgeous photography and styling!

Everything about this book is perfection! The recipes are healthful and super flavorful! Candice's philosophy for "Pretty Delicious" is easy on the "waistline and wallet"! Her recipes are amazing and delicious...believe me I've already made a bunch on them! And, don't worry there are scrumptious recipes for all of your with a sweet tooth too! If you don't have this book, you simply must get it! It would also make an amazing holiday gift for those foodies in your life...if you can keep it a secret for that long!

You can buy "Pretty Delicious" here!


P√Ętisserie Paris said...

Ohhh sounds like a great book. I just checked out the preview of the book on amazon. I'm always searching for new recipes that are health-conscious and easy to make. Recipes that aren't too hard on the wallet are always a bonus as well. Perhaps I have just found my new cooking Bible!

Anonymous said...

OH YES Ceilidh...you will LOVE this book!
Its amazing...and the photos are so pretty!!
Melissa and Kellie

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