Fairies Fairies Everywhere Week: DIY Fairy Dust

Now, what "fairy party" would be complete without fairy dust!?! We just loved making these little fairy pots filled with glitter and a little fairy duster! The little girls where literally enchanted when they were handed their very own fairy dust! Annabella, Kellie's oldest daughter even gave each girl a little "dusting" as they ran around outside with their wings and ribbon wings! We think they started to believe they were all really fairies...it was so sweet! This project is so simple and is so worth it to see the look on the little girl's faces as they receive their very own fairy dust!
Mini plastic jars (found at Hobby Lobby)
Course Glitter (Color of your choice)
Bakers Twine
"Fairy Dust" tag (Icing Designs glittered tag of course ;)
Lollipop stick
Mini pom pom
Hot glue gun/glue

Take your jar and fill with the course glitter (we just filled a little less than half way up). You may need to create a little funnel out of paper just to keep the glitter from going all over.
After you place the cap back on take ribbon (color of your choice) and wrap the cap. Just put a dab of glue toward the back to hold the ribbon in place.
Next take the flower and hot glue it on to the top of the ribbon covered cap.
Punch a hole in your tag and string your bakers twine through. The just tie the tag around the top. Hot glue your mini pom pom onto your lollipop stick to create a little duster.

Finally just stick your duster under the twine so it is secure.
Then your little fairy dust pots are complete and ready to be in the hands of your little fairies!


Bottle Your Brand said...

adorable idea for a little girl's birthday party. love it. :)

Connie @ Daydream In Color said...

So darling! If I were a little girl, I'd go to town with this on all my friends!

P√Ętisserie Paris said...

Oh my gosh! I need one...what a brillant idea :)

Helen Guzman :: bonito design said...


FrenchBlue said...

OMG SO SO SO ADORABLE!!!! I want one too!

Unknown said...

Adorable! I'm planning a party for my daughter later this month. I'm using several of your ideas. Thanks! Is there anywhere else that I might be able to find those plastic bottles for the pixie dust??

Unknown said...

I love your blog! I made these wands for my daughter's party and featured them on my blog. There is a link back to you as the inspiration. I hope you will check it out. I was definitely inspired by your beautiful work!!!

Anonymous said...

I would like to suggest using artificial snow (It's sold as "Buffalo snow" in most places at Christmas time) in these or even iridescent Easter grass or basket filler that you have chopped up or plastic confetti. I can just imagine little ones wanting to open this up and dump glitter everywhere and possibly getting in their eyes, not to mention the mess. I think it's a really adorable idea. I just wanted to share my idea instead of glitter. As much as I love glitter...some may not want it coating their entire house and child. :)

Anonymous said...

can someone tell me what course glitter is in german?

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