Sweetly Ever After

Do you remember this beautiful engagement that we featured a while back? Well Kara and Chris were recently married and were sweet enough to let us share their day with you. When we received these photos we were literally blown away! We could not stop looking at them. Kara and Chris put so many thoughtful and delicate details into their wedding. The photographs (by Millie Holloman Photography) were so artfully and thoughtfully taken that we feel like we were actually walking through their special day with them. So much raw emotion was captured! It's almost like you can feel the love and romance that filled the air at this beautiful wedding. We just ADORE Kara, she is one of the sweetest people we have had to pleasure of working with. We wish she lived closer to us so we could spend time getting to know her better! We are just smitten with her and the vision that she had for her wedding and the way she put her vision to life! We are head over heels in love with the softness, the colors, the florals, the gorgeous garlands and just the stunning simplicity of this entire event! Kara and Chris...we wish you all of the love and happiness that your hearts can hold! It is so touching to see how in love you are! Thank you so much for letting us be a little part of your wedding day, it was an honor! We know you will live...sweetly ever after!

(These were the frosted photos that we created from their engagement photos! We love tucked into those sweet little packages! What a special keepsake!)


Helen Guzman said...

Glad you guys put this up. Very Inspirational. Everything is so beautiful. Love the pinned hearts and the frosted photos you guys created for their engagement.

courtney heinze said...

this is so inspiring! i want to get married all over again to use some of these ideas! thanks for posting, girls!

Ceilidh said...

Wow! I LOVE those floral arrangements. Frosted photos are too cute =)

kara p. said...

Melissa and Kellie...You girls are SO sweet and SO fun--inspiring, amazing and I could keep going on and on. Everyone loved the favors, they were beautiful...thank you again for our "special surprise" you sent, we have our own keepsake now too :) I imagine if I ever get to meet you, you will be every bit of WONDERFUL as I imagine you to be in person!!! Here's to hoping! Take care, and I hope to be needing something from you very soon again! And thank you everyone for your sweet sweet comments, it's so nice of you!

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