A la parisienne

A couple of months ago we absolutely fell in love with a lovely blog called à la parisienne. Mandy fills her blog with feminine, romantic and elegant images, beautifully written stories and items from her charming Etsy shop! A la parisienne was such an amazing find for us because it encompasses so many things that we are passionate about! Every time we look at it we can't help but feel transported to our own perfect little spot in Paris. Everything about à la parisienne is perfectly vintage, French inspired and oh so enchanting! Mandy herself exudes such elegance and class. She reminds of us a time when women wore dresses to clean their homes and when being glamorous all day long was a must! We are so excited to share A la parisienne with you today! You will be swept away to a magical place every time you visit!

(all images via à la parisienne)


à la parisienne said...

Melissa and Kellie,

I am so honored to be mentioned on your lovely site and all of your words about my blog and shop have made my heart smile. The way you describe my style (or the style I strive for)is better than anything I could even express in my own words. From the bottom of my heart-Thank you.

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