DIY Tissue Paper Rosettes

We wanted to share a really easy DIY project with you! We used these tissue paper rosettes to embellish the princess tooling we used for Stella's party.

They were super easy to make and there are so many uses for them! Here is how to make the flowers and some ideas for how to use them!

Simply take a piece of tissue paper and loosely twist it.

Go down about an inch or two from the top and pinch and twist to create the center of the flower.
Take the rest of the paper and loosely twist it around the flower center you created.
After you have completed the twist put a dap of glue from a glue gun at the end and tuck it under the flower just so it stays together.

You can make so many of these in such a short time. With so many different colors of tissue paper out there you can make a whole garden!
You can make flower vines out of them, simply take a strip of green satin ribbon and glue or use double sided tape on the back of the flowers to hold them on.

You can even make a bow out of the ribbon and tack it on underneath the flower to create the look of leaves.
You can even create a whole bouquet of flowers!
How about a garland!

Put one on top of a gift!

You can even tie one around a napkin to set a festive tone at your table setting!


pweaks said...

very cute and cheap to make!

Lindsay said...

These are SO Cute! I got my hat today! That was so fast! THANK YOU SO MUCH GIRLS! I LOVE IT!! :)

Ceilidh said...

Wow! Those are so cute! I love the bouquet-look =)

Anonymous said...

I love it! How adorable!

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