Are We Dreaming?

This is too amazing to not share with you! We originally spotted these on Urban Farmgirl (our newest blog crush...more about that later) but the original story and photos are via The New York Times. These are photos of a 9 x 14 foot hunting cabin that Sandra Foster turned into the most stunningly romantic, shabby chic cottage you could have ever dreamed of! Sandra created this magical place all on her own using flea market finds, DIY projects and only 3000 dollars!
Deep Breath.....After! GASP...we know!Now for the inside....could this be more stunning?!? There are so many treasures inside of this little cottage, it is unbelievable! The chandelier hanging over the couch was 15 dollars, yes 15 dollars! And Sandra made the white flower garlands out of tissue paper!
This gorgeous mirror was found at a yard sale. Although it was a pinky orange color Sandra painted it white and turned it into a beautiful piece of furniture!

The china closet doors are old arched French doors that Sandra purchased at a yard sale for 15 dollars each! Where are these yard sales?!?

You can only get to the sleeping loft by ladder, but it looks like it is certainly worth the climb!

The chandelier over the bed is from Target!

The window box on the porch was made from salvaged wood and glued on garlands. The chair was bought at a flea market for 5 dollars!
This cottage is so fabulous! It is just perfect...we could dream about being there all day long!


Ceilidh said...

Oh my gosh! Let me know when this place is up for sale...I want it!!! :P

Adorable! I love it.

Cassie said...

I'm impressed!

courtney heinze said...

Now I know what I want for my birthday! :)

Melisa Shelby said...

I want to run away and hide there the girl by the water even looks like me from the distance! I can only imagine I would have loys of gardinas growing every where the smell would put me to sleep I thought at first this was a dollhouse I love it!...................melissa

Richard Majece said...

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