Lemonade and Sunshine

We know that this has been featured on many blogs over the past week but we just couldn't resist sharing it again! This party is just so lovely and full of "rustic and charming" detail! Jess from Pen n' Paperflowers created it for her two oldest daughters...another detail we love! There are so many parties featured for little ones or adults...but what about the middle children! We just adore this quote from her blog: "I wanted the party "pretty" and "soft" to honor the young women my daughter's are becoming...but I knew there had to be a little "magic" thrown in there too to keep it young and fresh." Jess, we think you did a fabulous job and we are smitten with the detail you put into this party! We only have one request, can we be invited next time!?!


Lindsay said...

I saw this on her blog! Just gorgeous!

Miss Sew & So said...

absolutely heavenly!!!!

Richard Majece said...

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