Tweet Charlotte

A really close friend of mine came to us her about invitations for her daughter’s first birthday party! She didn’t really have a theme in mind, but with spring approaching and her birthday being in April we came up a “tweet cupcake tree”! We illustrated a whimsical tree with flowers and cupcakes on it, and a sweet little birdie on top of the tree...of course wearing a stylish party hat! We also took the little blue bird and cupcakes and created cupcake flags and taggies out of them! We can’t wait for your party "tweet" Charlotte!

Invitations, cards, cupcake flags and taggies now available in our Etsy shop

Here is a bit of "tweet" inspiration for a birdie party!

photo credits:,, unknown, urastarhouse (etsy),,, country living magazine, oliveandollie (etsy),, BlueButterflyDesign (etsy)


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