Could macarons be the new cupcake? (Part One)

So we're sure by now you have heard all the buzz about the macaron (or gerbet), not to be confused with a macaroon! These predominantly French confections, although born in Italy, were made popular by the amazingly elegant Laduree in Paris on the prestigious Avenue of Champs-Elysées. These delicate and not easily made meringue like cookies are airy and creamy with a lightly crisp crust that houses amazing fillings like buttercream, jams or rich ganache. Although the ingredient list for making macarons is quite simple, it is the process of making them that needs to be perfected. If the batter is too runny, they will spread and not have a perfectly puffed up exterior, and if the batter is too thick the tops of the cookies will crack. Americans are starting to catch on to these airy delights. However, real French Macarons can really only be bought in specialty pastry shops and are still hard to find made perfectly. Each pastry chef has his or her own secrets to making the perfect macaron. Kellie and I have a slight obsession for macarons, but luckily I did go to a French Culinary school and know how to make we can indulge whenever we please...wink, wink!

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Considering our love for them, we HAD to create invitations, cards, cupcake flags and gift tags featuring the French Macaron! These are all available on our Etsy site!

Part Two Coming Soon!!! Stay Tuned!!


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