Sugar Rush: Top 5 Favorite Summer Treats

There are so many treats that are good all year long but seem especially tasty during the hot summer months! We don't know about you but summer seems like the one season where it is perfectly acceptable to eat ice cream every single day! We rounded up our top 5 favorite treats that we look forward to over indulging in every summer. Top of the list, well ice cream of course, followed by icy cold popsicles, sweet snowcones, beautiful cakes with fresh berries and what is summer with out s'mores and cotton candy!?! But, we said top 5, right, so how about combining cotton candy and s'mores....mind blowing, right! What summery treats do you look forward to?

ice cream
berry cakes
cotton candy s'mores


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Bellenza Bistro said...

Sugar rush indeed! At least with that fresh berry cake, I can use the excuse that it's 'healthy'!

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Patricia Carter said...

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