Donut Party

Well, our donut inspiration week is coming to end, but what would the end of a week be with our a party! So we have for you, a festive donut party! We truly do believe that parties should be simple, fun and carefree and that's exactly what this is! You would not believe how easily this came together, with a few store bought donuts, you can set up a donut bar in no time at all! We created a confetti garland by using two shades of pink paper and white paper. We love this look because they are almost reminiscent of donut holes, if you use your imagination, right! We took two pedestals and pilled sugary donuts on one and chocolate glazed on the other. Our cake is a simple white frosted cake with mini powdered donut holes around the bottom.  We just took a DIY donut from our donut garland and popped it on a paper straw to create a simple cake topper! Mini glass, polka dot ramekins filled with hot fudge were perfect to balance our donut skewers on. We used "dunk it" cupcake toppers and just turned them sideways and skewered a glazed donut hole on to it so they could be easily dunked in the hot fudge and popped in your mouth! Lastly, our "donut bar" letter garland hung from our pink chevron table cloth! Now, how simple is that! These ideas could be used for a birthday party, a baby shower or sprinkle or even just a fun set up for you little ones after a sleep over, who would not want to wake up to a donut bar!?!

We couldn't decide whether we liked our cake with a donut on a straw cake topper or a donut party hat cake topper...which is your favorite!?! 


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Taylor Brione said...

I'm obsessed!!!

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