Je T'aime Valentine

We love Valentine's Day around here! Its full of pink and hearts and glitter galore, well at least in our world it is! Valentine's Day is for celebrating the ones you love and of course we think handmade gifts are the best!  Valentine cards are wonderful but this little glittered garland would be the perfect surprise and keepsake! It would be the sweetest gift to give to your best friend or anyone you just adore! Happy ♥ Day!!

You can simply create a garland of your own using any word processing software like publisher {design, print, cut and glitter}or you can purchase a tiny garland right here! Be creative when wrapping your box with ribbon, twine, glittered hearts or bows and fill with confetti or crinkled paper as a bed for your garland! Give with love! 


Capture Our Lives said...

Wow! It would be awesome to be a recipient of one of your valentine greetings. I bet the kids at school look forward to what you'll come up with for each holiday/event! :)

Richard Majece said...

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