DIY Donut Tag

We are excited to share this yummy donut diy with you! If you have a donut lover on your holiday list this would be the perfect tag to add to their gift! If you are like us you go through ribbon like water and have a million empty ribbon spools. Well, this is a great way to use them to dress up some of your holiday packages!

circle paper top of an empty ribbon spool
brown felt
sparkly white felt
red glitter paper
small hole punch
hot glue

 Simply take your brown felt and place your ribbon spool top on top of it and trace around it making your circle slightly larger so that there is overlay. Cut it out. Then take your sparkly white felt and create an icing shape, just be sure that some of the edges reach the edge of the circle so that it does not look to small.


Take your brown circle and fold it in half, cut a small slit and then fold it in half the other way and cut another small slit. Hot glue the brown felt onto your circle. Take the triangles from the slits you cut and hot glue them to the back of the circle. Now add some hot glue, securing the overlay of the felt. Continue until you go around the entire circle and it is completely secure and covered. You can take a piece of white paper{ the exact size of the circle} and cut a smaller circle in the center to create the same size donut. Glue it on the back and this can be where you write your "to" and "from". 

Turn your donut over to the front and hot glue your "frosting" on. You can embellish this however you please! We took red glittery paper and used a hole punch to create mini sprinkles. We just glued them on with tacky glue. Just take a ribbon and put it though the donut hole and tie it on to your package and you have yourself a yummy donut tag! 

Does this donut tag look familiar? We created one for our "Candy Packages" illustration! 


GLadd said...

That's adorable!

Bellenza Bistro said...

Such a darling idea!

Kelly @ Studio DIY said...

This is so cute I can't stand it!!!

Rinchen Dé ( said...

This is beautiful! I made some easy cutout gift wraps, no ribbons necessary:

Richard Majece said...

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