Sprinkles Garland and Cake Topper

So, if you follow us on facebook, you know we had quite the "cake"tastrophe today! As I was walking the cake from the kitchen to the dinning room to take photos of our DIY project it, as if in slow motion, fell all over the floor! Ahhhh...I've learned from my mistakes, as this is not the first time this has happened...should I be admitting that!?! But, thankfully I did have another little unfrosted cake that I was able to finish so we could use it for our photos!

Anyways...we are excited that we are able to share this festive DIY with you, despite our little mishap! We just love sprinkles, and may or may not have a sprinkles collection and party coming up! We had so much fun coming up with this DIY. We are in love with eyelash yarn, not only is it beautiful but you can do so much with it! The sprinkles garland would be great for a winter party, using the eyelash yarn. But the yarn could be replaced with ribbon or twine as well! The cake topper is so easy and festive and coordinates with the garland perfectly!

11/4" iridescent glass ornaments
sprinkles or non-perils, color of your choice
eyelash yarn in white
striped straw{for cake topper}
ribbon tassel {easy diy here}
thin ribbon

For Garland
1. Decide how long you want your garlands to be and trim your lengths of eyelash yarn accordingly
2. Take your ornaments and take off the top, create a little funnel with a piece of paper and fill half up with sprinkles
3. Put the top back on and string your yarn through the loop in the top of the ornament. Be sure to loop the yarn through twice so that it does not move when you hang it up.

For Cake Topper
1. Glue your tassel onto the front of the straw {easy tassel diy here}
2. Take a small piece of your ribbon and tie one ornament onto the straw
3. Add to your favorite cake!


this is lemonade said...

I am not sure I will make the cake. But I may make the garland! The cake looks adorable though - I must think up a cake occasion so that I have an excuse to use that cake topper idea. It's a wonderfully cheerful wintry look :P

Tamara said...

so cute idea!!love this cake!

Unknown said...

Love, love, love it!

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