Mini DIY Tissue Candy Corn Garland

Ok, ok we know its not even October yet, but we are already excited about all of the great Halloween inspiration that has been sneaking out! We wanted to share this mini diy tissue candy corn garland with you, it would be a great garland to hang behind {or in front} of your Halloween sweet table. It is even just a great decoration for your home and looks great across a mirror or in an empty frame! The puffs are really similar to how we made our ombre tissue paper flowers cupcake toppers.

glue gun/glue
tooth pick
white, orange, yellow tissue paper
ribbon colors of your choice {we used orange, white and black}

Just take the same color tissue paper {4 of each color} and cut 4x4 squares. Lay the squares of tissue paper {doing one color at a time} on top of each other and cut the tissue paper into circles.  After you have done this with the white, orange and yellow, simply punch a small circle in the center of the papers. {Be sure to use a punch with a small diameter circle} Put a toothpick through the holes and trim the sharp end off with scissors. {Make sure you layer your papers starting with the yellow at the bottom then orange in the middle and white at the top} Add a small dab of hot glue, starting with the white {in this case white} start layering the tissue onto the toothpick until you have all of the colors on. Add a dab of hot glue on the toothpick at either end to secure the paper on. After all of your tissue is securely on the toothpick just start to bunch the tissue {if you need a visual of this please look here} Bunch the white first, then the yellow and then bunch half of the orange toward the white and half toward the yellow as if you were fluffing a pom pom.

When you are finished making your puffs, simply take a ribbon {we used a skinny white satin ribbon} and find the middle of your puff, add a dab of glue and attach the ribbon. Do this to each puff until you have completed your garland. We tied a thicker black satin ribbon on the ends and tied a bow and added a few strips in between the center puffs. To finish off we just tied on an orange sating ribbon at the ends as well. You can really embellish this any way you want and with any colors you choose! This garland would go great with our candy corn monogram custom invitations! 


Joanna said...

You guys are so talented! Love this idea!!!

Bellenza Wedding Bistro said...

Such a cute idea...can even see it gracing a Halloween season bridal shower!

Bliss said...

Stopping by to pin this, it's pretty darn cute!


Unknown said...

This banner is so cute!! I just love coming and visiting your blog. I am having a shabby apple giveaway if you would like to join!

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Dakota Leest said...

Looks fantastic. I have to try to do those tissues. It is useful. I can take it to work My colleagues will be impressed by my hand-made tissues.

Merry Rebecca said...

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