DIY fringe balloon cake topper

We are in love with and have always been inspired by Geronimo Balloons! Everything about them just screams party from the over-sized balloon to the fringed streamers playfully hanging from them...they are just plain fun! We always thought {in mini form} they would look perfect on top of a cake! So we decided to create an homage to Geronimo Balloons with our diy fringe balloon cake topper! Well, its not really a balloon, but balloon inspired. It is really easy and very festive...and when  your done with your cake you can save it to be used as a cute photo prop!

Glittered paper {color of your choice}
Long Lollipop stick
Tissue paper {colors of you choice}
Hot Glue
Skinny ribbon
Tulle {optional}

Take your glittered paper and cut out a 6" circle. Glue your long lolli stick to the back of it.
We used 5 different colors of tissue paper, but you can use as many or few colors as you wish. To create the fringe take your tissue paper {about a 6x2 inch piece} and fold it in half, then in half again and one more time. At this point you can cut little slits into it, making sure you leave room at the top {don't cut all the way through}. Now unfold your tissue fringe until it is just folded in half once. 
Starting from the bottom you can start wrapping your fringe around the lolli stick. {It is easier to start from the bottom, that way your fringe does not get all messed up as you try put new pieces under it} As you start wrapping your fringe be sure that you leave room at that bottom to put part of the stick into the cake. Put a dab of hot glue on your lolli stick and wrap your fringe around, after it is wrapped add another small dab of hot glue to secure it. Continue doing this until you reach the top.

After all of your fringe is on you can add a few pieces of skinny ribbon and a piece of tulle. We added 3 pieces of ribbon and one piece of white polka dot tulle to add some more texture. Finally we added the balloons tie with a small piece of cut out glittered paper and tied a final ribbon around that!


Caryl Lyons said...

So cute!!

Bellenza Bistro said...

Can't get more festive than with fringe! Great project!

The Chocolat said...

lovely idea

Max Fowler said...

Nice poost thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love this!!!!

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